Vabilo na strokovno predavanje: Speciation, dispersal, and invasion patterns in microalgae

Vljudno vabljeni na predavanje, ki ga bo imela

prof. dr. Karin Elisabeth Rengefors

Aquatic Ecology Unit, Department of Biology, Univerza Lund, Švedska

z naslovom:

Speciation, dispersal, and invasion patterns in microalgae

A fundamental question in ecology is whether microorganisms (including phytoplankton) exhibit biogeographic patterns as a result of geographic isolation, in the same way as macro organisms do. It has been argued that microorganisms have unlimited dispersal and consequently reduced opportunities for allopathic divergence. My approach to address this issue is to investigate genetic diversity and dispersal at the population rather than species level. I will illustrate this with some examples from my research on marine and freshwater phytoplankton. Some of the questions I have addressed are: (1) is their genetic differentiation among populations in nearby lakes, (2) do populations show evidence of local adaptation, (3) has a nuisance species recently invaded new lakes, and (4) is the unexpected diversity in a dinoflagellate lineage a result of a recent speciation event? I will present the results and questions that have arisen from this work.

Predavanje bo v petek, 4. oktobra 2013, ob 14.00 uri v sejni sobi Morske biološke postaje v Piranu.