BIOSAFE affirms its leadership in India

Biosafe is pleased to announce that, in partnership with its Indian Distributor Span Healthcare Private Ltd., it has achieved major expansion of its stem cell banking business in India, winning major new customer deals consecutively.

In the public stem cell banking area, Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre in Chennai is expanding its program and will process its full volume of stem cell samples with Biosafe's proprietary Sepax cell separation system and Coolmix cryo-preparation cooling and mixing device.

On the family banking side, the renowned companies Cordlife India and Cryobanks International are likewise moving to automated processing exclusively by Sepax.

Such expansion is a milestone as the majority of cord blood samples in India will now be processed with Biosafe technology.

Olivier Waridel, CEO of the Biosafe Group, commented: "These recent wins illustrate the potential of Biosafe's Sepax technology in the BRIC economies. Biosafe demonstrates its ability to meet customer expectations through its vast portfolio of processing solutions and is committed to further support stem cell banking expansion in India together with Span Healthcare".

About the Biosafe Group

Founded in 1997 the Biosafe Group is active in the design, manufacture and marketing of automated cell processing systems. Headquartered in Switzerland and privately-owned, the Biosafe Group operates through regional subsidiaries (Geneva, Houston, Hong-Kong, Shanghai and São Paulo) and is present in more than 45 countries, either directly or through distributors.

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