Flying and More: A Growing Shoppers' Paradise Awaits Visitors at Frankfurt Airport

Fraport AG to Expand FRA's Retail Space to 20,000 Square Meters by 2007

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is undergoing a major redevelopment and expansion of shopping facilities that will see total retail space at Terminals 1 and 2 grow from about 13,600 to 20,000 square meters by 2007. In the past few years, Terminal 1 has already been significantly transformed with new shops and restaurants, new retailing concepts, and additional space. This is only the beginning of the growing shoppers' paradise that Fraport AG is developing at FRA.

The goal of Fraport AG's Traffic and Retail (VTM) strategic business division is to enhance the attractiveness of shopping and gastronomy at Frankfurt Airport in order to increase retailing revenues steadily. For many years, the growth curve for retailing revenues has outpaced the growth in passenger traffic at FRA. Passengers are and will continue to be the primary target group for Frankfurt Airport Shopping. The majority of the new shops will be located past the security check points in the so-called "airside" areas of the terminals at Germany's largest airport.

Additional shopping malls are planned for both Terminals 1 and 2 -- to strengthen FRA's position as a "Marketplace of the 21st Century". Frankfurt Airport's concept is to be exciting and relaxing and to offer international brands along with regional specialities. Currently, FRA offers some 130 shops -- including 16 Duty Free and Travel Value shops -- and about 50 restaurants, bars and cafés.

The Retailing department of Fraport's Traffic and Retail (VTM) division also oversees a number of service providers in the terminals, including car rental agencies, currency exchanges and banks, post offices, travel agencies, pharmacies, hair salons, and Germany's only airport casino. The 30-member Retailing team has experts in planning, architecture, center and leasing management, as well as marketing.

New Shops and Restaurants Opened

at Frankfurt Airport Since January 2002:

Almost 15 new shops and restaurants have opened at Frankfurt Airport since the beginning of this year. More information about these and other retail outlets is available on the Internet at: www.frankfurt-airport.de (click on "shopping and restaurants").

New Shops (Location):

> Deliport (Departures A in Terminal 1): food specialities and wines from Germany and around the world

> Pens+++ (Departures A in Terminal 1): fine writing instruments, plus the Porsche Design Collection

> H. Stern (Departures A in Terminal 1): international jewellers of distinction

> House of Champions (Schengen A in Terminal 1): sports clothing and items from favorite teams

> Art & Design (Transit A in Terminal 1): beautiful art replicas from the world's leading museums, plus personal fashions featuring designs by famous artists

> Multitronics (Departures A in Terminal 1): photo and electronics gear and accessories, plus CDs and DVDs

> Duty Free and Travel Value (B-East, Transit B in Terminal 1): a wide range of duty free products

> Photair (Transit B in Terminal 1): photo and electronics gear and accessories, plus CDs and DVDs

> Mimex (Transit B in Terminal 1): Leather and Travel Express; Kid's Express (toys and clothing)

> Pfüller Kids Concept (Departures A in Terminal 1): Quality German and international toy brands

> Swatch Corner (Departures A in Terminal 1): where the Swiss watch beat goes on

> Beauty Port (Departures A in Terminal 1): perfumes and cosmetics

New Restaurants (Location):

> Intermezzo (connector building, linking Long-distance Train Station with Terminal 1): fresh-squeezed juices, coffee and light snacks for people on the move

> Segafredo Bar (Schengen B in Terminal 1): coffee specialities, other drinks, and snacks

Note to Editors

Photos of the new shops and restaurants are available upon request. A new brochure, titled "Welcome to the Marketplace of the 21st Century -- Retailing at Frankfurt Airport", is also available.