World record digital camera from Swiss manufacturer Sinar: Digital Giant with a Resolution of 22.2 Million Pixels


Feuerthalen (ots) - The Swiss manufacturer Sinar, who has been a worldwide leader in the manufacture of professional camera systems for more than 50 years, has produced an exclusive world record in cooperation with Kodak: The very first digital camera with a resolution of 22.2 million pixels!

Sinar cameras are considered to be the best for professional studio photography. Sinar is also the only manufacturer of camera systems who is a leading pioneer in digital photography and who has been building its own digital cameras since 1998. At this year's world's fair of photography Photokina in Cologne, Germany, Sinar introduced a digital camera that is far ahead of all current cameras in terms of resolution and quality.

With a resolution of 22.2 million pixels and an active imaging surface of 38.8 x 50 mm, the new Sinarback 54 from Sinar produces photographs with a quality that corresponds that of a 9 x 12 cm (approximately 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches) color transparencies (large format photography). The sensor for the new digital back was developed in cooperation with Kodak and will be available exclusively on Sinar digital cameras for at least one entire year. The best possible photographic results are achieved by means of active thermo-electric cooling of the sensor, so that practically no image noise is generated and photographs with a color depth of 48 bits are produced (65000 gray steps per color channel). The professional Sinar digital camera has been available since last October and it is already being used by leading advertising- and fashion photographers. The price amounts to approximately 26,900 Euro, which only a year ago was the price of a professional camera with a resolution of only 6 million pixels. Additional information is available on our website www.sinarcameras.com .

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