January 2003 - Fra Traffic Figures: Frankfurt Airport AchievesFurther Passenger Growth / Cargo Tonnage Also Increases - Airlines Deploy Larger Aircraft Again

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - In January 2003, Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) traffic figures continued the upward trend of the past months and showed noticeable increases in all important traffic segments. Fraport AG registered 3.5 million passengers in January 2003, seven percent more than in the corresponding month last year. As expected, high growth rates could be achieved in those markets most severely hit by the slump in demand during 2002: for example, destinations in the Dominican Republic, the Canary Islands, and inexpensive leisure travel destinations in Turkey and Egypt. Intercontinental traffic also climbed strongly, driven by growth on routes to and from the Middle East, North Africa, and North America. Passenger traffic to the Far East also registered increases in January, with China and India being the strongest markets.

Continuing the upward trend of 2002, FRA's cargo tonnage also grew briskly. In January 2003, cargo traffic increased by 5.2 percent to 110,869 metric tons. Expansion of services particularly in Far East traffic resulted in robust growth of 16.7 percent. The amount of cargo transported over the Atlantic also increased strongly. With 11,565 metric tons in January 2003, airmail traffic experienced a 6.4-percent decline versus the same period in 2002. The approximate 10-percent drop in international airmail in January was the reason for this decline.

With 37,570 take-offs and landings, Fraport AG recorded five percent growth in aircraft movements at FRA in January 2003. Two factors contributed to this significant increase: firstly, the low statistical base in the same month last year; secondly, the airlines expanded their flight offerings for the Winter Timetable 2002/2003. Because the airlines deployed larger aircraft, the Maximum Take-off Weights (MTOWs) climbed again to about two million metric tons, up 6.7 percent over the same month in 2002.

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for January 2003

January 2002 Change2

Jan. 03/Jan. 02


in millions 3,527,210 7.0 %


in thousands

of metric tons 110,869 5.2 %


in thousands

of metric tons 11,565 -6.4 %

Aircraft Movements1

in thousands 37,570 5.0 %


in thousands

of metric tons 2,048,909 6.7 %


share of punctual


and departures

in percent 65.7

1 Excluding military flights

2 Change over previous year