Aviation Savety: New child in-flight seat - safe space for small passengers

Hamburg (ots) - "Fasten seat belt!" Fastening your seat belt is an obligation for passengers during take off and landing, but this isn't valid for babies and small children. They sit on Mummy's or Daddy's lap without the support of a seat belt. An unsatisfactory makeshift arrangement that the Hamburg manufacturer INNOVINT has now found a solution for. The company specialises in aircraft interiors and has developed a child's in-flight seat that is ready for the market and that has been certified by the German federal aviation authority.

The safety seat is securely fastened to a normal passenger seat and when the child has taken its place a 5-point harness is placed around the child's shoulders and waist. It is then secured in the seat in a similar way to that which pilots are secured in their seats. The advantage of this solution is that if the aircraft makes a sudden braking manoeuvre while taxiing, the child's head will not collide with the seat in front.

The INNOVINT child's in-flight seat is not only safe for kids its also very comfortable. In accordance with general transport regulations babies weighing up to 10 kg must be secured facing against the flight direction. Children up to 25 kg are secured facing the flight direction. Fastening is similar to that found in a car by means of a 5-point harness, within seconds a baby seat can be transformed into a child's seat.

The flexible utilisation is a bonus for airlines when every sq. cm must be exactly calculated. The INNOVINT child's seat is simple to use. With the help of the normal passenger seat belt the 11 kg seat can be secured to all common aircraft seats. If there is no baby on board then the flight attendants can quickly fold the seat together into an easily stowed size.

Before coming to market the INNOVINT in-flight child's seat was developed for several years. In this time the company's 25 years experience of working in the aircraft interiors field was to provide dividends. The final product is a child's in-flight seat that provides the child with sufficient safety space between a row of seats.

INNOVINT had the child's in-flight seat dynamically tested with at the aviation specialists TÜV Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg (Technical supervisory association) with a 16-fold earth gravity acceleration and received a positive result. INNOVINT's quality stands the test.

Already some airlines have shown interest in the INNOVINT child's in-flight seat.



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