His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi comments on the World Peace Trust established in Germany by His Majesty Raja Raam

Oebisfelde (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany (ots) -

"The strong wish of the German people for peace

has brought Raja Raam to Germany"

Raja Raam signs the foundation document of

the Maharishi World Peace Trust in Oebisfelde, Germany.

Inauguration of the first German Peace Palace and groundbreaking for further Peace Palaces in every State of Germany

"The strong desire of the German people for peace and the decisive engagement of the German government for a peaceful solution to the Iraq conflict has led His Majesty Raja Raam to personally come to Germany," said His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi via video conference during the celebrations on the foundation of the Maharishi World Peace Trust.

His Majesty Raja Raam, the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, made his contribution to the establishment of a new world order of affluence and peace by personally signing the foundation document of the Maharishi World Peace Trust during the first session of the Parliament of World Peace held in Oebisfelde, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. The first Peace Palace in Germany was also inaugurated. At the same time, in each of the 16 States of Germany, the groundbreaking ceremonies for further Peace Palaces took place. Each Peace Palace will be home to 100 to 200 peace-creating experts who will contribute to lasting world peace through the performance of Maharishi's Vedic peace technologies.

Invitation to interview His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Raja Raam and his Ministers about the World Peace Trust:

Live via Internet: www.globalcountry.org

Wednesday 12th March at 5pm Central European Time.

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The establishment of the Trust took place at the Peace Palace in Oebisfelde in the presence of representatives from business and politics as well as numerous guests from Germany and other countries. The event was broadcast live throughout the world via the Maharishi Satellite Channel (MOU 2).

Vedic technologies of peace-the most important means to fulfil the purpose of the Trust

Speaking on MDR Television, Raja Raam explained why he had chosen to begin this great undertaking in Germany: "It is a great opportunity to say thanks to the German government and the German people for their efforts for peace." He explained that this world-wide peace project required less finance than a war. It only needs the introduction of the Vedic Peace technologies of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. These are the technologies to reduce stress in the world and remove the cause of conflicts."

In his inaugural speech Raja Raam said, "Germany stands for science and technology and offers the best conditions for a systematic science of peace. Germany does not leave peace to chance which could lead to destruction and death."

A million Raams donated to the Maharishi World Peace Trust

The Maharishi World Peace Trust is a charitable European foundation based in Germany. Its purpose is the promotion of peace in the world family, of the peaceful living together of people in society and of the health of every individual as basis for a peaceful behaviour.

The foundation document states: "The knowledge of peace-the science of consciousness-will be offered in the Peace Palaces to bring perfection to all areas of life. The government of every country will be transformed into a prevention-orientated, problem-free administration." Raja Raam has donated a million Raams (10 million Euros) to the Trust. The Raam is the currency of the Global Country of World Peace.


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