February 2003 - FRA Traffic Figures: Frankfurt Airport Records Slight / Increase in Passenger Figures and Strong Growth in Cargo Tonnage

Frankfurt/Main, Germany (ots) - Fraport AG recorded about 3.3 million passengers at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) in February 2003, 0.8 percent more than a year ago. Following seven-percent passenger growth in January 2003, February's results reflected the reluctance of passengers to book flights due to fears of a possible Iraq war. In particular, destinations in North Africa and southern Europe experienced declining demand. In contrast, intercontinental passenger traffic contributed strongly to FRA's overall positive traffic results. Destinations in North America and the Caribbean also experienced noticeable traffic increases, as did the classical growth markets of China and India. In total, Fraport registered more than 6.8 million passengers at FRA during the first two months of 2003, 3.9 percent more than in the corresponding period in 2002.

Regarding cargo traffic, the positive trend at FRA continued. Frankfurt Airport handled 122,601 metric tons of airfreight in February 2003, an increase of 6.5 percent. The expansion of flights to the Far East resulted in a noticeable 15.1-percent growth in airfreight. Furthermore, the amount of cargo transported via FRA over the Atlantic continued to experience double-digit growth. Airmail traffic dropped slightly in February, declining by 1.4 percent to 10,866 metric tons.

With 35,148 takeoffs and landings, the number of aircraft movements at FRA increased by 4.3 percent in February. In particular, the number of international passenger flights increased considerably during the winter season, thus showing above average growth, especially in comparison to declining domestic traffic. With the airlines deploying larger aircraft, Frankfurt Airport's maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) figure grew to over 1.9 million tons, 8.4 percent more than in February 2002.

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for February 2003

February Change(2) Jan. - Feb. Change(2)

2003 Feb. 03/ 2003 Jan. - Feb.

Feb. 02 03/02

Passengers 3,274,976 0.8% 6,802,186 3.9%

Airfreight 122,601 7.7% 233,471 6.5%

in metric tons

Airmail 10,866 -1.4% 22,431 -4.1%

in metric tons

Aircraft 35,148 4.3% 72,718 4.7%


MTOWs(1) 1,930,128 8.4% 3,979,037 7.5%

in metric tons

Punctuality 77.2 71.3

share of punctual


and departures

in percent

(1) Excluding military flights

(2) Change over previous year