The business relationship between Nano Care AG/ Easyglas GmbH and Nanopool GmbH has been terminated

The Nano Care AG and Easyglas GmbH companies, which had been in a close business relationship with the company Nanopool GmbH since 2002/2005, and which had supplied this company with nanotechnology products, ended this business relationship in 2015.

Since then the Nanopool company, which should have also acquired the B├╝hler Division in 2015, has not been supplied with nanotechnology products from the Nano Care AG and Easyglas GmbH companies. For that reason, technical expertise and support from the aforementioned companies are no longer available to Nanopool.

The Nano Care AG company therefore also terminated in 2015 the ancillary agreements to the existing emergency-phone-line contract, because the formulations and data sheets deposited at the poison center for the Nanopool company products mentioned therein were no longer applicable. The Nano Care company therefore no longer wanted to be responsible.

The proven, ready-to-use nanotechnology end products produced by the Nano Care AG and Easyglas GmbH companies for the last 15 years will meanwhile be sold internationally in 61 countries.

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