Fraport AG: Serious Shortcomings in SFK Accident Commission's Opinion

Frankfurt am Main (ots) - Fraport AG (FRA) regrets that the members of the SFK Accident Commission did not take the time to review thoroughly the opinion of the Airport Working Group (see also ANR 8/2004 issued on February 12, 2004). There is sufficient cause and reason for such a review. Serious flaws and discrepancies regarding the opinion of the Accident Commission persist and important questions raised by Fraport AG remain unanswered by the commission. In this context, Fraport AG refers to its letter of February 10 and also to the expert opinions of TÜV Pfalz and TÜV Hessen (the technical inspection agencies of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate and the State of Hesse). Both of these expert opinions confirm the compatibility of a new northwest landing runway and the Ticona chemical plant, if specific measures are implemented. Fraport AG will initiate a detailed scientific review of the SFK Accident Commission's opinion and argumentation. Based on all available findings and expert opinions, the Hesse Ministry of Economics, Transportation and State Development - the responsible approval authority - will make a final assessment of the SFK Accident Commission's opinion.