"Smack the Pingu" on your mobile phone!

Hamburg (ots) - Arvato mobile and Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt present one of the most popular internet games ever, "Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw", as a downloadable game for Java-enabled mobile phones. The internet-version of "Pingu Throw" or "Smack the Pingu", as it is known by gamers around the world, has been played over 150 million times in less than ten weeks. Check it out at www.yetisports.org . Now this cult phenomena is available as a mobile game for a wide range of Nokia, Siemens and SonyEricsson mobile phones.

Goal of the simple but addictive game is to have your Yeti smack the Pinguin at exactly the right moment and sent it off flying a long distance. With Yeti Sports Edelweiss created a smash hit game with world-wide appeal. The whole series will consist of ten different games resulting in a full "Yeti Sports Decathlon". arvato mobile will distribute "Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw" world-wide to network-operators and internet-portals.

For distribution of the mobile Yeti Sports games please contact arvato mobile (games@arvato-mobile.com). For all other requests concerning the Yeti Sports series please contact Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt (presse@e-medien.com).

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