Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 1, Area B: Baggage Claim and Arrivals Hall Undergo Major EUR 40 Million Redevelopment

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (ots) -A major EUR 40 million redevelopment of the baggage claim and arrivals hall in Area B of Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) will be incrementally completed over the next 26 months. Regular operations will be maintained while renovation work is done in four construction phases. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in the autumn of 2006. The modernization will focus on implementing the latest fire safety and prevention technology, including installation of high-performance smoke-removal systems. Furthermore, shopping areas and the official "Meeting Point" will be made more attractive for passengers. The overall design look will be enhanced with new lighting, wall coverings, ceilings and flooring. Due to operational reasons, only three of the twelve baggage claim belts in Arrivals B can be renovated at one time. Renovation of the total 16,000-square-meter area is necessary and will improve the travel experience for passengers. Fraport AG - the owner and manager of FRA - kindly asks travellers to bear with any inconvenience caused by occasional operational and service disruptions.