Unique IT Jobs Web Portal launched this week

London, UK, – Unique IT Jobs Web Portal launched this week. (July 23-27)

New IT jobs portal - ITJOBPLANET.com has started its campaign to conquer the global IT jobs market by making the IT professionals of Central and Eastern Europe its first target. The recruitment Website is to add the under-exploited resource of IT talent from the East to its portfolio of jobseekers able to fill the “planetwide” skills gap in IT.

ITJOBPLANET CEO Peter Vidovic is keen to emphasise the portal’s approach to on-line recruiting includes the most comprehensive profiling of candidates seen to date. “Our industry-leading skills screening process combined with the proven effectiveness of the on-line medium for recruiters, will I believe, prove attractive to HR managers who are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit the quality IT candidates they need.”

The portal aims to give talented computer professionals an opportunity to show their skills and gain new experiences working abroad.