Meet the Olympic Athletes - Interview Options With Athletes Who Are Sponsored by PowerBar

Munich, Germany - More than 100 of the athletes that PowerBar sponsors around the world have qualified to participate in the Olympic Games.

PowerBar has therefore set up the PowerBar-Energy-Center directly on-site, just a few hundred meters from the Olympic track-and-field arena. This is where athletes are supplied with PowerBar products and receive advice about how to make optimal use of these products.

Athletes can meet and chat here in a relaxed atmosphere outside the sporting arenas. The Energy Center is, so to speak, the "chill-out area" for the PowerBar athletes.

Among many others, the following athletes have been invited to visit the PowerBar-Energy-Center:

Haile Gebrselassie, ETH, running;

Michael Phelps, USA, swimming;

Gunn-Rita Dahle, NOR, mountain biking;

Anders Espinoza, Mexico, marathon;

Loretta Harrop, Australia, triathlon;

Lenny Krayzelburg, USA, swimming;

Christoph Dieckmann, GER, beach volleyball;

Alison Sydor, CAN, mountain biking;

Oenone Wood, AUS, cycling;

Scott Goldblatt, USA, swimming;

Brandis Chastain, USA, soccer;

Jose Antoni Hermida, ESP, mountain biking;

Michael Fellmann, GER, sailing;

Jens Fiedler, GER, cycling;

Susanne Ljungskog, Sweden, cycling...

Location: Paradisou 12, 15125 Marousi, Athens, Greece

Open August 18 - 28, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (tel: 0030 210 680 08 05)

How to get there: Proceed straight ahead from the warm-up area of the stadium. Follow Artemidos Road, cross Kifisias Avenue to arrive at Paradisou Road. Continue for 400 meters. On your right, you'll see the PowerBar-Energy-Center.(ask for a "how to get there" sketch)

Media representatives are welcome to visit the PowerBar Energy Center. To schedule appointments or arrange interviews, please contact Patrick Rossow

Patrick Rossow

Mobile: ++49 160 94174685

Email: patrick.rossow@powerbar.de