Fraport to Offer Aircraft Ground Handling Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Frankfurt am Main - Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide has signed

an agreement with the Jacksonville Airport company to establish a

subsidiary for offering ground handling - the U.S. debut for

Fraport's renowned aircraft handling expertise. The new subsidiary,

which is planned to go into operation later this year, will be

located at Jacksonville Airport (JAX) on the northeastern coast of

Florida. A number of Fraport experts will soon be transferred to the

U.S. Mainly used by business travellers, Jacksonville Airport

recorded about 4.9 million passengers in 2003. All of America's

leading airlines serve Jacksonville, with Southwest and Delta Air

Lines being the most active carriers. Up to now, airlines at

Jacksonville Airport have done their own handling. However, market

research has revealed that several airlines are strongly interested

in appointing a competent ground handling agent to provide ramp

handling services for them. Fraport AG's relationship with

Jacksonville dates back to the late 1990s, when experts from

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) advised their Florida counterparts on the

implementation of a new baggage conveyor system at Jacksonville. For

many years, Fraport has been offering ground handling services in

other countries, including subsidiaries and joint-venture companies

in Austria, Portugal and Spain.