Fraport AG Plans Dividend Increase Higher Payout Ratio Planned for FY2004

Higher Payout Ratio Planned for FY2004 - Revision of Management�'s Stock Option Plan

FRA/rap> At next year�'s annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders on June 1, Fraport AG�'s supervisory and executive boards are planning to recommend a noticeable increase in the company�'s dividend for the 2004 business year. In its meeting today, the supervisory board has accepted the executive board�'s recommendation of a payout ratio ranging from about 45 to 50 percent - based on the Group�'s annual profit - to shareholders for fiscal year 2004. The exact dividend amount for fiscal year 2004 will depend on the official conclusion of the company�'s annual statement of accounts next March. For fiscal year 2003, Fraport AG made a dividend payment of 44 euro cents per share - a total of about 35 percent of the Group�'s annual profit of €115.2 million.

With an equity ratio of 54 percent, Fraport AG has an extremely strong balance sheet. In the first nine months of 2004, the Group�'s revenues climbed 8.7 percent to about €1.5 billion compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. Group profits grew by 13.5 percent to €117.2 million and earnings per share improved from €1.18 to €1.30. The Fraport share also experienced a stronger market price; it has increased over 30 percent since the beginning of 2004.

Furthermore, Fraport�'s supervisory and executive boards will recommend to the next AGM a new stock option plan for management. The existing plan from the 2001 flotation year has been revised and will be vigorously tied to the new Corporate Governance Code.