EMD to launch International Data Sharing

· Industrial partners offered access to exclusive sales data from core members like Kaufland International, Globus International, ESD Italia, Euromadi Spain or Lenta Russia
· The new international data pool will be made available as early as in 2020

Pfäffikon The international associated group EMD, with headquarters in Pfäffikon/Switzerland, is preparing an extra service providing an added value to its industrial partners worldwide: already starting from 2020, manufacturers of branded products will be able to access directly the relevant international data pool which will be made exclusively available by selected EMD member companies such as Kaufland International, ESD Italia, Globus International, Euromadi Spain or by the Russian hypermarket company Lenta.

With the assistance of the technology of AC Nielsen, EMD is creating a platform on which industrial partners can find exhaustive information about sales performances in the participating sales markets.

This platform offers therefore to the producers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) the possibility to cooperate in the future more closely and customer-oriented with the EMD member companies.

The project is in its final phase and is expected to be presented to EMD's industrial partners on 19 September in Berlin.

Philippe Gruyters, Managing Director of European Marketing Distribution says: "There are numerous benefits in data sharing. All involved companies from the retail and industrial sector can optimize their customer orientation and will have the highest awareness of the newest consumption trends."

About EMD

European Marketing Distribution AG has been acknowledged since 1989 as an efficient and high-performing partner for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) by the consumer goods industry. The leading associated group operates in 20 countries in Europe, Oceania and Asia.

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