swissinfo - In search of Paul Klee: the man and artist

Bern, June 16, 2005

swissinfo/Swiss Radio International (SRI) is paying homage to the life and work of the world famous avant-garde artist Paul Klee. To coincide with the opening of the Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Centre) in the Swiss capital, Bern, on June 20, visitors to www.swissinfo.org will find a special multimedia dossier on the life and works of Klee in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

The special dossier takes visitors on an interactive journey through Klee�'s life and work as an artist and guides them through the turbulent history of the Zentrum Paul Klee - from conception to completion. Listen to what Klee�'s descendants as well as art experts have to say about the artist�'s work and try out some of the multimedia elements, including a puzzle and a selection of photographs from the Klee family album. It�'s even possible to take a virtual tour - with an audio accompaniment of Klee�'s favourite music - through the streets of Bern which have been named after some of the artist�'s works.

The in-depth special on the life and work of Paul Klee is divided into various sections:

The man

In this section visitors can hear from the artist�'s grandson, Alexander Klee, who is president of the Paul Klee Foundation and the driving force behind the new centre in Bern. An expert also trawls through Klee�'s diaries and sheds light on what the man behind the artist was really like.

The artist

Paul Klee is considered to be one of the most influential and important avant-garde artists. This section traces his artistic career, his struggle with colours and formative years at the Bauhaus in Weimar. Visitors can also go behind the scenes at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern and find out what was important to star architect Renzo Piano when he went about designing the building.

His works

Finally the dossier gives visitors plenty of opportunity to contemplate Klee�'s work in all its forms and styles and there�'s a chance to take a virtual tour of the new centre that bears his name.

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