Verari Systems Introduces New BladeRack 2 Blade Server Platform; BladeRack 2 High Performance Blade Server Technology Expected to Redefine Blade Market

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 2005--Verari Systems(TM), the premier developer of powerful, platform-independent blade server systems, announced the introduction of the BladeRack(R) 2 platform. The landmark unveiling of the BladeRack 2 marks a strategic milestone in the company's innovative market approach and promises to redefine the enterprise blade server market.

Verari Systems has concentrated efforts to release the most efficient power distribution system in the HPC server market. BladeRack 2 features an unprecedented street-to-rack power efficiency as high as 90% by greatly reducing the number of voltage conversions, significantly improving overall datacenter power efficiency. In addition, BladeRack 2 now offers the option for a redundant power system, maximizing the protection crucial to enterprise networks.

"With the introduction of BladeRack 2, Verari Systems will continue to be the industry leader in overall performance, performance per watt and price/performance," said David Driggers, CEO of Verari Systems. "The continued innovation of our blade server products demonstrates our ability to deliver compelling compute solutions that will provide our clients investment protection for years to come."

BladeRack 2 continues Verari Systems' tradition of setting the standard in high-performance computing by redefining datacenter power efficiency and server density. The company's patented Vertical Cooling Technology continues to allow customers to integrate the latest dual-core processor technology from both AMD and Intel(R). The BladeRack 2 platform is engineered to provide a stable compute environment, eliminating CPU thermal throttling behavior. This innovative thermal management solution enables a wide range of blade options running the fastest, hottest processors at maximum performance.

With the Verari Command Center management suite, BladeRack 2 is one of the most manageable out-of-the-box blade server solutions on the market today. The integrated management solution includes key features such as OS-level and hardware monitoring, remote power management and BIOS upgradeability, remote provisioning and resource organization.

"We have taken our vast experience with commercial and open management software, together with our customers' feedback, to create a new management platform that builds on our heritage of scalability," said Jennifer Skjellum, President of Verari Systems Software. "The Verari Command Center management software comes standard on BladeRack 2, giving our customers full control of their hardware and software experience, even for those with the most demanding large scale and grid environments."

Verari Systems has already begun taking orders for BladeRack 2 and expects general availability of the system in early Q3 2005.

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