One Voice for Radiology in Europe: ESR founded

Vienna - Europe´┐Ż's leading radiological institutions, the European Association of Radiology (EAR) and the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) founded the joint European Society of Radiology (ESR) in Vienna on December 10, 2005. The aim of replacing EAR and ECR by establishing a single house of radiology is to strengthen and unify European radiology and to ensure competitiveness compared to other radiological events and institutions.

The primary aims of the ESR are to:

-organise the leading meeting in radiology by maintaining and increasing the excellence of the annual European Congress of Radiology

-maximise the efficiency and avoid duplication of effort

-create synergies

-optimise the resources necessary for the tasks ahead

-harmonise teaching programmes throughout Europe to ensure easier movement of European radiologists and enable cross-pollination of knowledge and skills

-establish a new research institute to coordinate research activities and to support major research initiatives (EIBIR)

-create a programme of extending teaching resources outside Europe, global e-learning initiatives will raise standards in those countries where the science of radiology still is not fully developed (SCHOOL OF RADIOLOGY)

-create structured public awareness campaigns to bring radiology in closer relationship to the patients, and improve and raise its position amongst other medical specialities

-establish effective methods and teams to influence policy within the European Union to ensure that radiology is no longer a Cinderella discipline in European medicine.

Currently the members of the EAR are national radiological organisations and radiological subspecialty organisations, those of ECR are radiologists, physicists, radiographers and professionals of related disciplines. New: The ESR envisages individual European membership, which will enhance the visibility of the annual ECR meeting as well as of its educational activities.

In case of enquiries, please contact communications@ecr.org.

Phone: +43 1 533 40 64 / 29