Alps Electric Developed SDKU Series Rotary-Type Power Supply Switch with Signal

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 12, 2006--Alps Electric Co., Ltd (Pink Sheet:APELY) has developed power supply and mode selection functioning in a single package targeting fully automatic washing machines and other household appliances through the development of the SDKU Series of rotary-type power supply switches with signal circuitry. Sample shipments are to commence January 1, 2006.

Among today's essential household consumer electronic products, methods of mode selection and power supply functioning tend to vary internationally. Take for example the washing machine: in Japan, selecting load size settings and turning the machine on and off is most commonly done through pushing a series of buttons located on the surface of the washer's panel. In Europe, however, rather than using buttons, the use of a single dial, to not only turn the appliance's power and on and off, but also to select washing modes according to the clothing fabric type (such as cotton, synthetic, or wool), water temperature and other various mode settings is increasing. In the past, this type of functioning required installation of dial function parts along with wiring leading to the power switch and the set mode options.

Recognizing these market needs, Alps has accomplished the development of a single package that realizes two types of functioning in a rotary-type power switch with signal circuitry.

The SDKU Series was developed based on Alps many years of accumulated insert molding technology and realizes encoder functioning for mode selection in the lower part of the product and power switch functioning in the upper part of the product. Furthermore, based on Alps' proprietary engineering technologies, the application of a detente structure allows for user ease of use with the feeling of heavy rotation torque, which takes place within the encoder part of the set product that fulfills mode selection functioning. This secures the position of the rotary-type switch with a clicking sensation and offers users confidence in operability. Furthermore, application of a sliding contact-point structure has been utilized as the point of contact for encoder function parts, realizing excellent durability against environmental conditions and repetitive motion.


Development of a rotary-type power switch with signal circuitry that combines power switch and encoder functioning

1. Fine electronic functioning through the realization of a single package with double function operability

2. Application of a detente structure with a heavy rotation torque sensation contributes to easy handling for users

3. Excellent durability against environmental conditions and repetitive motion accomplished through a sliding contact-point structure

Principal Applications

Main power and mode selection switch for washing machines and dryers

Planned Sales

Commencement of volume production: February 2006

Sample price: 315 yen

Planned monthly production: 200,000 units (August 2006)

Development: Mechatronic Devices Division, Furukawa Plant (Furukawa, Miyagi)

Production: Wuxi Alps Electronics Co., Ltd. (Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China)


Product name SDKU Series

Dimensions (W x D x H) 30.2mm x 32.1mm x 29.6mm

Rating 16(6)A 250V AC

Contact resistance 100m ohm max.

Insulation resistance 500M ohm min. 500V DC

Voltage resistance 2,000V AC for 1 min.

Lifespan 10,000 cycles




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