Wyser-Pratte Management Company Applauds Early Efforts at IWKA (IWK GR)

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2006--Wyser-Pratte Management Company (Wyser-Pratte & Co.), the largest shareholder in IWKA, is pleased with the first three months of operations of the new supervisory board. This Board, under the leadership of Dr. Bartke, has devoted much energy and expertise to IWKA and has increased the focus on shareholder value at the Company. All members of the Board, especially its Chairman, have undertaken exceptional personal efforts to improve the performance, portfolio, and future of IWKA.

In recognition of their early accomplishments and ongoing personal efforts, Wyser-Pratte & Co. supports aligning the compensation of the members of the Board with the extraordinary demands that the restructuring of the Group has placed on their time. Wyser-Pratte & Co. would support such a proposal if put forth at a shareholder meeting. In the spirit of aligning the interests of shareholders and management, Wyser-Pratte & Co. prefers to see part of the compensation of the leadership of any company tied to the performance of the underlying share price.


Wyser-Pratte Management Co., Inc.

Adam Treanor,


Director of Research