New7Wonders Campaign to Visit All 21 Candidates

Touring the world�-from Athens on Sept. 5, 2006 to New York on Mar. 6, 2007

Zurich/Switzerland, August 21, 2006�-Over the next seven months, the New7Wonders World Tour, featuring a huge hot-air balloon and a high-tech airship, will visit the 21 finalist monuments, allowing them to showcase their cultural significance. During the ceremony, an official certificate will be presented to each candidate.

On July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07, the winners, as chosen by the people of the world in the first-ever global vote, will be announced: the New 7 Wonders of the World.

The New7Wonders World Tour launches at the Acropolis in Athens in a tribute to the ancient Greek origin of the Wonders of the World concept.

In Europe and Asia for 2006, it will visit Istanbul�'s Hagia Sophia on Sept. 12, Moscow�'s Kremlin/St. Basil�'s on Sept. 19 and the Roman Colosseum on Sept. 26. In October, the World Tour visits Germany�'s Neuschwanstein Castle on the 4th, the Eiffel Tower on the 10th, England�'s Stonehenge on the 17th and the Alhambra in Granada, Spain on the 24th, moving to the Great Wall of China in Beijing on Nov. 7, Kyoto�'s Kiyomizu Temple on the 14th, the Sydney Opera House on the 21st and Cambodia�'s Angkor Wat on the 28th, followed by the Taj Mahal on Dec. 5.

The Middle Eastern, African, South and North American candidates will be visited between January and March 2007�-Mali�'s Timbuktu, Jordan�'s Petra, the Egyptian Pyramids, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Easter Island statues, Peru�'s Machu Picchu, the Pyramids in Chichen Itzá, Mexico and New York�'s Statue of Liberty.

Votes can be cast on www.new7wonders.com and by telephone through July 6, 2007.

Contact: Tia B. Viering, tia@n7w.com, Tel: +49-89-4808-8719 or +32-2-503-4767