Futuristic and Multimedia Performance - Presentation of Wroclaw in Paris

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 19, 2006--The first official presentation of the candidature of Poland for the General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) was held on Tuesday at the Palais de Congres. The 45-minute performance was directed by Jaroslaw Szoda and Boleslaw Pawica, acclaimed video clip directors.

As befits winners of multiple short film festivals, the presentation, in the form of a a mini-performance, was attended by official representatives, Mr. Rafal Dutkiewicz, Mayor of Wroclaw, as well as five amateur actors.

The performance began in the auditorium. When the lights faded at first nothing happened, then mobile phones started to ring among the audience and, to the audience's surprise, students taking part in the presentation picked them up telling the imaginary callers how they plan to spend the evening. The audience's curiosity heightened when five amateur actors appeared on stage. Further on, a hot debate on the problem of leisure time was stirred up by a TV programme. The conversation smoothly led to the topic of preparing EXPO on leisure time and the opportunities of spending it in Poland.

Next, official representatives of Poland appeared. They presented a series of arguments for Poland as a perfect exhibition site. Mayor Dutkiewicz spoke about Wroclaw's strong points, Economy Viceminister Andrzej Kaczmarek talked about EXPO's development benefits for Poland and the region and underlined the importance of the exhibition from the economic viewpoint. The Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Mr. Kazimierz M. Ujazdowski, pointed out that Polish culture had its roots in various traditions, which was why Poland should organize a display on the subject. He also highlighted the fact that Wroclaw, as a multicultural city where different cultures have intertwined throughout the ages, was a perfect exhibition site for the purpose.

A speech by Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski was aired towards the end of the official presentation. He underlined the role of Poland as the initiator of political and economic transformation in Central Europe and suggested that our country would be a perfect place for experience sharing that could spearhead cultural and economic change and help level worldwide differences.

At the end of the presentation, the actors left the stage and reappeared...on the screen, where they were shown in an EXPO 2012 virtual world. The multimedial performance by the young actors was awarded with thunderous applause.


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