TRIPLE ALPHA Luftfahrt Opens Long-Distance Route With Challenger 300 Business Jet

DÜSSELDORF, Germany - As of August, Düsseldorf-based business airline TRIPLE ALPHA will expand its service. With a new plane, the Challenger 300, the airline now offers its customers on inter-continental routes the comfort they have come to expect.

Manufactured by the aircraft company Bombardier in Canada as a special production, this business jet is valued at USD 25 million. It is the only aircraft of its class in Germany available for charter flights. Its performance data in terms of fuel consumption and environmental friendliness sets a milestone in business air travel.

The Düsseldorf-based airline is reaping double benefits from the acquisition of this plane. The TRIPLE ALPHA airline investment and consulting departments were in charge of all the project management, ranging from concept to delivery of the finished project. Given that the airliner also offers complete aircraft management services, the plane will be integrated into the TRIPLE ALPHA fleet as part of an investment model, where it will be used on intercontinental business charter flights.

"The Challenger 300 is a great addition to our fleet," comments Hans Pfeiffer, Director of TRIPLE ALPHA. "The European charter world is excited by the airplane. The Challenger offers unparalleled cabin comfort, superior load utilization capacity and top performance in its category. Our German and European customers can hardly wait for its arrival. We are looking forward to offering our passengers the extraordinary experience of flying in this plane."

For more than 11 years, TRIPLE ALPHA Airlines has been advising investors in the market for new airplanes and been providing consulting services for the importation and conversion of pre-owned planes. The aircraft spectrum ranges from the CitationJet to the Airbus. To date, all planes have been integrated into the TRIPLE ALPHA fleet within the scope of an investment model.

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