Teaching the new carbon math: the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management Institute is training how to measure and manage GHG emissions

Minnesota (ots) - The new math is carbon accounting and the GHG Management Institute is poised to teach it. Dedicated to training tomorrow�'s managers of GHG emissions, the GHG Management Institute is now live at www.ghginstitute.org. Earth Council Geneva (ECG), the GHG Experts Network (GEN) and ClimateCHECK have combined their forces and expertise to form this institute committed to professional learning on climate change.

"Our mission is to train and develop a community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring and managing GHG emissions," said Gao Pronove, Managing Director of the Institute. "Our supported online learning platform, blending e-learning and interaction with expert instructors, allows us to train a global audience in the most effective manner possible." The Institute�'s focus is on GHG emissions accounting, inventories, management, and verification. The courses are developed and instructed by the same experts who prepared today�'s international standards and founded national government programs.

"The Institute�'s philosophy is ‘if you cannot accurately measure GHG emissions, you cannot manage them�'," according to Michael Gillenwater, Dean of the Institute and Director of the GHG Experts Network. "Quantifying greenhouse gases is the first step for a company to truly understand and assess their climate liabilities. It is only after this that corporations can manage their emissions and reduce their impact."

Reto Braun, Chairman of ECG (www.earthcouncil.com), former CEO of the Swiss Post and previous President of Unisys, said: "After having trained over 7,000 learners in more than 80 countries on the subjects of global trade, climate change and biodiversity, we are pleased to work with our partners in launching this important initiative."

"The content that that our GHG Protocol team designs is considered a global standard," said Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute (WRI), which is working with the GHG Management Institute to develop its first course on corporate GHG emissions accounting. "It is critical that energy managers - whether they�'re working on projects throughout the developing world or trying to make improvements at their individual companies - really get their heads around these issues."

The GHG Management Institute will promote best practice and help build confidence in the professional competencies of GHG practitioners, according to Tom Baumann, CEO of ClimateCHECK.

"The Institute is committed to ensuring that everyone around the world can access these courses," stated Janos Pasztor, Director, UN Environment Management Group. "They have created a need-based scholarship fund to ensure that this level of access is possible."

The first classes are open for enrollment, and are due to begin November 1st. More information is available at the website - www.ghginstitute.org.

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