The most expensive book in the world costs 153 Million EUR

The most expensive book in the world costs 153 Million EUR.

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Zurich (ots) - The so far internationally unknown author Tomas Alexander Hartman has entered the hitherto most expensive book in the world into the register of German Books in Print (VLB). According to that list, the book with the title "The Task" (ISBN: 978-3-00-023396-8) has 13 pages and is listed at a price of 153 Million EUR.

However, there will only ever be a single copy of the by far most expensive book in the world.

The book will appear for the first time in public on the Book Expo America 2008 Fair in Los Angeles from 29th May to 1st June 2008 as well as on the Buch Wien Fair.

Hartmann, who sees himself as the greatest philosopher of all times, is certainly the most expensive one. The other day, the Times compared the prices of Hartmann and Harry Potter's Author Rowling and worked out that a single page of "The Task" will demand the staggering price of 9 million pounds.

Asked how he arrived at such a price, Hartmann said he needed more than thirty years to write the 13 pages of "The Task" and generally speaking the price of something is only then truly driven by supply and demand, if looked at without any enforcement. In April Tomas Alexander Hartman will introduce his philosophical poems at the Linz international book fair (23th to 27th). However, although that edition limited to a thousand copies is comparatively cost-effective at 1530 EUR each, Hartman has already announced a possible cost increase. If Hartmann was to win a literary award, the book will go up to 1.53 Million EUR.

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