Hillvertising: A New Era in Advertising

The World's First 10,000 Square Metre Online Billboard

Thomas Kager, an Austrian entrepreneur has recently developed the idea of "Hillvertising". A marriage of the two words 'hill' and 'advertising', Hillvertising is a new and innovative way of selling advertising space both online and outdoors. Kager's idea is to market squares of virtual advertising space on his website to companies and individuals who, after their purchase, will receive one square metre of real outdoor advertising space for a five year period.

What makes Hillvertising so interesting and different is that not only does it take place online (in the form of pixels) but also live on a hillside in West-Styria, a province in Austria. Potential buyers and established owners can view their advertisements via webcam on http://www.rentasquaremeter.com.

With his new advertising concept, Thomas Kager hopes to set the record for the world's largest billboard and also hopes to help his parents with the project's revenue.

"The buyer has the choice to place a large poster or a mosiac containing several advertisements on the square metre that he or she has purchased," explains Thomas Kager. "It is a fantastic opportunity to use one's imagination!" When asked how he came up with the idea for Hillvertising, Kager mentioned that he was inspired by a quote from Mark Twain: "Many small things have been made large by the right kind of advertising."

Thomas Kager