Note to customers on video coverage of five-fold murder

Vienna/OTS - The following is an editorial note for international TV stations and online editorial departments:

Video material of the APA - Austria Presse Agentur (Vienna) is available now (effective immediately) for international TV and online editorial departments on the family tragedy in Austria (five-fold murder).

Available is video film of the scene of the crime in Vienna (raw material; 2.54 minutes). Video material of a press conference on the case, due at 11.30 a.m., can be supplied during the early afternoon.

Technical point: APA video files can be relayed in MPEG2-Standard per ftp. Alternative formats may be supplied on request.

Please direct any questions to the APA video desk (+43 1 360 60 - 5850): mail: video@apa.at

Marcus Hebein

APA - Austria Press Agency

+43 1 36060 5800