RapidShare expands reseller network

CHAM, Switzerland, April 8/PRNewswire/ --

- New partners in Northern and Eastern Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia

RapidShare has expanded its reseller network during recent months: internet users are now able to purchase RapidShare premium accounts from more than 70 resellers in over 50 countries worldwide and book additional traffic quotas using TrafficShare. A total of 28 different providers, listed under http://www.rapidshare.com/resellers.html are available to take payments. Authorised partners can be identified by RapidShare users by the original reseller logo.

Over recent months, new partners have been authorised in Northern and Eastern Europe - Bosnia Herzegovina, Ukraine, Norway and Macedonia; in the

Middle East - Libya, Yemen, Palestine and the Arab Emirates; in Asia - Pakistan and Bangladesh, and in Central and South America - Mexico and Brazil. "RapidShare is very popular in Brazil, particularly since the platform is so easy to operate. Not only private individuals, but also many Brazilian companies have been won over and are using it. We believe that the extremely high upload and download speeds, coupled with the ease of operation, have made RapidShare so successful", Wilkinson Eldon Vilaca Pereira, CEO at Contas Premium commented. The business model of the Brazilian company is based on the sale of premium accounts. "Brazilian users have been looking for a local partner for a long time. Together with RapidShare, we have been able to bring the service a little closer and vigorously expand our clientele."

"We started working together with RapidShare from the very beginning and are impressed by the concept. The management of premium accounts is very simple, quick and, thanks to the superb support provided by RapidShare, customer satisfaction is high", said Jan Koza, managing director at HEND, spol s.r.o., a Prague-based internet service provider. "We regard ourselves as fortunate to be a RapidShare reseller."

"As the first RapidShare reseller, we've been able to make the premium account more accessible for internet users in Russia. We now have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide", explained Gleb Vilochkin, managing director of RSReseller Limited. "We are proud to be part of the first file-hosting team and will be working with RapidShare on many new projects."

"RapidShare can be used anywhere where there is access to the internet - in other words, almost worldwide. The expansion of our partner network will allow us to increase the convenience for our users and simplify processing", Bobby Chang, COO at RapidShare AG concluded.

A list of authorised resellers and available payment systems can be accessed under http://rapidshare.com/resellers.html. The contact partner for resellers is sales manager, Mathoni Torke, Tel: +41 41 748 78 90, email: mtorke@rapidshare.com

About RapidShare

RapidShare AG hosts information for companies and private individuals: Through the so-called one-click hosting facility, the user is able to upload data to the system in a few easy steps, and is then provided with a link, through which information can be downloaded or deleted as required. RapidShare AG was set up in 2006 and is based in Cham, Switzerland.


Bobby Chang, COO RapidShare AG, Gewerbestrasse 6, 6330 Cham, Switzerland, Tel: +41-41-748-78-88, email: bchang@rapidshare.com

Katharina Scheid, Press officer, RapidShare AG, Gewerbestrasse 6, 6330 Cham, Switzerland, Tel: +41-41-748-78-81, email: kscheid@rapidshare.com.