New Recipe for Microsilver From Swiss Company Sterilos PLC Protects Drinking Water, Hospitals and Industrial Plants Worldwide

BASEL, Switzerland, --- Swiss biotechnology to combat mold, germs, viruses and bacteria

Until now, the primarily means of combating mites, fungi, viruses and bacteria, especially MRSA in healthcare and EHEC (E.coli) in the food industry, have been antibiotics and chemicals. The risks and side effects are well-known: antibiotics produce resistant strains of bacteria; harsh chemicals can be very harmful to the environment and to health. Due to its safe and reliable antimicrobial effect, silver has also traditionally been used to combat dangerous microorganisms. However, this precious metal is too expensive for long-term use. This is where Swiss company Sterilos PLC comes in with its innovative microsilver products.

Together with the Max Planck Institute and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, engineers have developed a new formula. It requires only one-hundredth of the microsilver to achieve the same antimicrobial depot effect as with costly silver. Sterilos already offers a wide range of products on the international market. Products include paints, coatings, pastes and sprays.

The microsilver is in demand worldwide, particularly for coating oil and gas pipelines and tanks. This coating destroys iron-eating bacteria and stops microbial corrosion. The coatings are also effective in drinking water facilities, pipes and water treatment plants. They also ensure the antimicrobial transportation of foodstuffs. Wall paints and varnishes, which Sterilos has developed specifically for industry, hospitals, conference facilities, schools and restaurants, guarantee long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

Shares in Sterilos are available on the capital market in small quantities. WKN: A1H7NC, ISIN GB00B3V7WD70

Sterilos PLC

The headquarters of the Sterilos Group is located in Basel, in close proximity to Roche, Syngenta and Novartis. The company has a number of different certificates confirming the antimicrobial effectiveness of its products.

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