Email911.com Launches "1-Minute Tips", Monthly Newsletter And Resource Site

Help Available For Those Who Suffer From Email And Information Overload

PORTLAND, OR (ots) - Email911.com announced today the launch of "1-Minute Email Tips", the latest resource for consumer and business computer users who suffer from email/information overload and a loss of productivity due to information paralysis.

With "1-Minute Email Tips", Email911.com offers short, useful tips periodically by email to help busy executives and other email users by providing concise information on such topics as:

"How to eliminate desktop and email Inbox clutter"


"What can I do about spam?"


"Child safety on the Web and email"


...and many other useful topics related to time management, life/work balance, email and information overload.

"IDC has forecast that an average of over 36 billion person-to-person emails will be sent daily by 2005. Business email users now spend an average of over two hours a day just dealing with email!" says Email911.com President & CEO Adam J. Boettiger of Portland, Oregon. "Time is only the tip of the iceberg," Boettiger says. Where businesses and corporations are concerned, this loss of productivity translates directly into a tangible and sustained loss of revenue each year. 'Information Paralysis' is becoming increasingly evident among consumer and business users of email."

Boettiger estimates that nearly 20 percent of all e-mail in cyberspace is now spam. Jupiter Communications forsees a FORTY-FOLD increase in spam between 1999 and 2005, from 40 pieces to 1,600 pieces received per person annually. An employee or executive being paid $70,000 per year forced to waste just one hour per day managing an overabundance of email and spam is costing the organization $8,750 per year in salary alone. If that person can learn techniques that will reduce the amount of time spent on email by just one hour a day, it's a payback of $8,750 a year to the organization. In a 100-person company, that's a savings of $875,000 annually!

About Email911.com

Email911.com provides educational techniques, tips, information and online support resources to help email users spend less time on email and more time on life. Based in Portland, Oregon, Email 911 is a privately-held company.