Terms of Service

Distribution of messages

The STA releases and distributes original messages on its specialised O-STA service through own communication channels (e-mail, web). The messages are released in the original form without any change of content or grammar. The text can be accompanied by photographs, tables, graphs and/or logos with active hyperlinks.

The STA accepts no responsibility for the contents of the press releases, any and all responsibility is with the customer. The customer submits the original messages intended for release to o-sta sta si or through the web interface. Upon receiving the order, the STA lists the contact information submitted by the customer. An archive of all original messages is available at o-sta.si.

Release of messages

The original messages are published on the O-STA website and distributed to registered recipients.

The STA reserves the right not to publish messages which:

Based on the exclusions listed above, the STA may also delete a previously published original message without prior warning if the message turns out to be in violation of the Terms of Service. In the event of such, the client is not entitled to a refund of the cost of publication.


The texts published may refer exclusively to the activities of the client and not the activities of their business partners or third persons, unless a different agreement is reached between the STA and the client. The O-STA service is not intended for the publishing of the contents or articles by other media or publishers either.

The O-STA publishes original messages by political parties only during referendum or election campaigns.

The STA can delete a customer’s published message upon written request from that customer.

Personal data protection

The rules on personal data protection are explained in greater detail in privacy policy.

Prices and payment terms

The listed prices are valid for distribution in the Republic of Slovenia. Distribution abroad is subject to the STA’s pricing agreements with partner agencies in the international network OTS. Customers can opt for a 12-month unlimited package or decide to pay for individual releases. By completing the order form, customers accept the Terms of Service. Prices are a constituent part of these Terms of Service and apply as of 1 March 2018. Reception of O-STA messages is free of charge.

Resolution of disputes

Any disputes arising from the release or distribution of original messages shall be resolved by mutual agreement. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute shall be referred to a court in Ljubljana.

The Slovenian Press Agency reserves the right to change and update the Terms of Service for the use of STA online services. The updated Terms of Service shall apply as of the date indicated at the bottom.


Ljubljana, May 2023