DERMALOG at CeBIT 2013: "Passwords? Forget about it!"

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How many times a day do you have to log in to various systems and networks? How many different user names and passwords do you have? And all that login information you have to keep entering, what if it fell into the wrong hands? The solution is biometrics. Just put your finger on the scanner and you're "in." It's shaping up to be the wave of the future-more and more laptops and PCs are coming from the factory equipped with biometrics technology. At this year's CeBIT, Germany's leading biometrics provider DERMALOG will be exhibiting its latest biometric technologies and solutions, which promise to let us forget our passwords and PIN numbers once and for all.

Hamburg, March 5, 2013 - Germany's largest manufacturer of biometric identification systems, DERMALOG Identification Systems, provides secure and innovative solutions that are easy to use. DERMALOG's automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) offers a range of new possibilities for day-to-day security, both in the home and at the workplace. The company's founder and managing director, Günther Mull, explains: "With our innovative fingerprint technology, any company or government in the world can protect its data with greater convenience and security and at a lower cost than they can with bothersome usernames and passwords. And besides being the most secure, our AFIS is also the fastest in the world. DERMALOG's fingerprint solutions are already being used by 50 countries and 80 government programs around the globe in addition to numerous domestic and international enterprises."

At CeBIT 2013, DERMALOG will be presenting its entire product portfolio of cutting-edge technologies:

The FingerLogin system, for instance, uses biometric fingerprint technology in combination with the FingerLogin keyboard or a fingerprint scanner to quickly and securely identify and authenticate users. The system's Biometric Middleware allows it to easily integrate into any existing software architecture for professional results. This simplifies everyday tasks for users since the system no longer requires them to enter a username and password for authentication. Instead, a simple fingerprint scan is all that is required. The AFIS is also scalable - anything from small to very large deployments are possible to accommodate as many users as required.

The Biometric Middleware allows integration into complex ERP systems which enable resource planning across the enterprise. The fingerprint system can be used to create digital signatures within the ERP system. Orders, for instance, can then require a fingerprint for confirmation. Adding this identification procedure creates a record of which employee has actually carried out an action within the ERP system, making it easier to track activities and associate them with individuals.

DERMALOG's solutions also perform an important role in domestic and international e-government. DERMALOG's Smart Border Control, for instance, is used for security purposes anywhere people cross national boundaries. DERMALOG also lets governments create forgery-proof high-security documents with integrated biometric data such as electronic ID cards and e-passports, with AFIS guaranteeing that these documents are only issued once.

DERMALOG provides innovative integrated solutions, delivering hardware and software to its customers both directly and through systems integrators. One of DERMALOG's most popular products is the FingerPayment system, which lets consumers pay for purchases with nothing more than their own fingers.

You'll find DERMALOG Identification Systems at Stand B45 in Hall 12 at this year's CeBIT. Go see the future of authentication yourself and learn more about secure, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate fingerprint systems.

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