Travel & Tourism one year on from september 11, 2001

Brussels, London (ots) - Members of the European Parliament will meet

today with leading representatives of the Travel & Tourism industry in

Brussels, to assess the future outlook for European Travel & Tourism, one

year on from the devastating terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Jean-Claude Baumgarten, President of the World Travel & Tourism Council

(WTTC), will deliver a key-note address, alongside James Provan, Vice

President of the European Parliament, to delegates representing the Member

States of Europe and leading private sector representatives. Delegates

will be encouraged to participate in dialogue the impact of September 11,

2001 on European Travel & Tourism and future prospects.

According to World Travel & Tourism Council data, Travel & Tourism

Demand fell by an estimated 7.4 per cent worldwide in 2001 and 2002,

compared to the growth that had been forecast for those years. In the USA,

the loss in Demand over the two years was 8.5 per cent, costing the

economy $92.3 billion.

Geography did not immunize the EU where Travel & Tourism demand fell by

4.5 per cent in 2001 and an additional 3.1 per cent this year, compared to

the growth that had been forecast.

Recalling the industry's strengthened recovery from past international

disasters, such as the Gulf War, Jean-Claude Baumgarten has said that "the

Travel & Tourism industry is resilient and will start to recover early

next year, with growth in demand reaching a record 6 per cent in 2003

resulting in 6.8 million jobs".

He will stress it is essential for both the private and public sectors

to maintain continuous dialogue. The global political situation must be

closely monitored so that the industry is prepared to face whatever might

occur in the short term, and to look forward to the long term. WTTC

research forecasts the 'Travel & Tourism' industry in the EU will expand

to 22 million jobs representing 13 per cent of total employment by 2012.

The World Travel & Tourism Council is the forum for global business

leaders in Travel & Tourism comprizing the Presidents, Chairs and CEOs of

1000 of the world's foremost companies. It is the only body representing

the private sector in all parts of the Travel & Tourism industry


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