HENK Luxury Goods unveils its latest masterpiece: HENK CARBON ATTACHÉ - HARD SHELL. SMART CORE.

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MUNICH, 28.02.2014 - Following the success story of HENK Classic, representing the company's flagship and embodying the ultimate perception of being the most technically sophisticated and high-quality suitcase in the world for frequently travelling millionaires and individualists, HENK Luxury Goods is debuting its next elite-class masterpiece: HENK Carbon Attaché optional equipped with a bulletproof shell or removable travel humidor.

Hand-built HENK Carbon Attaché incarnates a contemporarily symbiosis of technological excellence and emotional functionality. The authentic design captivates by its compactness and is a distinctive accessory for today's mobile office. The HENK Carbon Attaché can be tailored from a wide range of colors, exterior material, and compartments. Optional is a removable travel humidor with an optimized moisturizing concept exclusively designed by the humidor architect Marc André.

Encouraged by specific customer inquiries, limited edition Bulletproof Attaché enhances the current HENK Carbon Attaché range. The bullet resistant .10 sized special insole layered carbon outer shell will be able to withstand a .09 to .44 caliber bullet square-on impact from up to 8 meter distance.

Heiko Poerz, CEO
Mail: heiko@henk.com
Phone: +49 (0) 89 4520 674 27
Otto-Heilmann-Str. 17
82031 Grünwald/ Germany

About HENK:

HENK Luxury Goods Ltd. offers bespoken luggage in the ultra-premium luxury segment and has established an excellent reputation amongst frequent business travelers around the globe. The entire HENK product family offers an endless array of exterior and interior styling features with an ultimate personalization and design service to create a truly unique travel experience. HENK is not only a product it is a philosophy - HENK eases life and brings comfort by designing retro futuristic FUNCTIONAL HAUTE COUTURE - MADE IN GERMANY.