"AN IDIOT" wants to liberate art - "Liberalism ART" demonstrates the freedom of variable style as a new form of art

Return after 25-year protest of art refusal

After 25 years of consistent refusal, an artist has returned, under the pseudonym "AN IDIOT", as a "painter from nothing" - and has since continued to develop new artistic styles and methods. During the 80s he destroyed his entire previous work, chopped into pieces and burned up in his factory-building workshop - all as a protest against the recognition value encouraged by the art market to foster faster sales. A quarter-century later, he responds with works of art that distance themselves from restrictive limitations on his creativity and established styles. The only information about him is an x-ray self-portrait of his lower head. This anonymity protects his freedom of movement and spirit. A selection of his work is available at www.anidiot.com

"AN IDIOT" describes the newly-created artistic styles and methods in terms such as Symmetrism, Ductism, Plastylelism, Recyclism, Roundism, Comparism, Wormism and Transparentism. He summarises the attitude embodied by his art as "Liberalism ART". So far, Liberalism is only known as Constitutional, Economic and Social Liberalism. "The Liberalism practiced in my artistic work represents the freedom of the variable style of a self-proclaimed idiot," he declares. The "extreme cosmopolitan" gathers his inspiration in up to 40 countries per year.

The copious body of work generated following his "quarter-century of silence" already includes countless pieces, demonstrating the pent-up creativity which has been explosively released as if in high-speed. He himself describes this period as "pregnancy" preceding the Liberalism. In addition to the hitherto unseen artistic-stylistic variety, his nomadism also creates inter-connected cultural and thematic transitions - stylistically-liberally-created works that incorporate topic such as the past, present and future.

More_information/pictures: http://www.lanaartgallery.com/en4.html