Face it - Mobile Phone Calls that Show a Face!

In collaboration with conVISUAL, Siemens is offering new services and functions that turn using your mobile phone into a visual experience - try it now at no charge with every new Siemens M50.

Oberhausen (ots) - Do you want to send your best girlfriend a snapshot of your new boyfriend to her mobile phone? Do you want to take the sunset picture from your last vacation and display it as a screensaver? No problem with Siemens Photo Community! In collaboration with conVISUAL, Siemens is now offering this new online service (www.my-siemens.de/photocom) that makes digital images mobile - and with the new Siemens M50, you can even assign address book entries to your pictures, such as, for example, to photos of your closest friends. As you receive a call, the mobile phone then automatically displays the caller's photo as a bitmap. This means that you can in the truest sense of the word see who is calling you at the time! Different from MMS, images can also be sent to older mobile phone models. Even other vendors' mobile phones are supported - which means that you can reach all of your friends.

With Siemens Photo Community, users can edit and manage their images. In order to join, you must first register through the "Photo Community" link on the Siemens web site: www.my-siemens.de. A few seconds later, the system sends an access code to your mobile phone. You can now upload your favourite images (jpg or gif format) from your PC directly to the Photo Community page. You can select any image section to edit. You can rotate, enlarge or shrink the image section. conVISUAL's application then suggests various options for displaying this section on your mobile phone. Now it's time to select an image view and to send - either to your own mobile phone or to a friend's mobile phone.

Siemens Photo Community offers you even more than that. As a community member, you can save your images online to send them again later on, or to make them accessible to other people. Two storage options are available: "My-Gallery" is a private storage option where you can save your images and select a corresponding option to make them publicly accessible to your friends. They, in turn, can then view your images through the "Friends-Gallery" link and even send your images to others, if your friends are registered users. Thus, not only can you send individual pictures to your friends, but you can also give them online access to an entire selection of pictures - that is, access to a gallery. In addition, a "Star-Gallery" will be added soon with images of famous celebrities, which can be sent as well.

For all those who want to personalise their messages in every way, Siemens Photo Community is now available on the Internet and via WAP. Moreover, if you use the voucher included with every new M50, you can even download the first image to your display free of charge. Now, using your mobile phone is more fun than ever before!

conVISUAL - The Home of Visual Messaging Services.

conVISUAL is the first Wireless Application Service Provider focused on the realisation of Visual Messaging Services. Through an innovative product portfolio conVISUAL creates opportunities for network operators, service providers, ISPs and media companies to expand their businesses by leveraging the extraordinary potential of multimedia messaging services. conVISUAL's Multimedia Message Broker (MMB) is the intelligent platform for the creation, personalization, conversion and distribution of mobile multimedia messages. Using the MMB, conVISUAL operates numerous messaging applications, that are growing concurrently with the emerging multimedia facilities of mobile devices: The MMB supports all of today's common messaging standards, such as SMS, Smart Messaging, Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS), WAP Push and Openwave Download Fun, as well as upcoming GPRS and UMTS technologies such as the Multimedia Messaging Service and i-mode. Based in Oberhausen in Germany, conVISUAL employs a talented and experienced team, concentrating highest industry excellence including Ericsson, Mannesmann Mobilfunk, Nokia and Theron Business Consulting.


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