Water Joe congratulates: Gary Paffett becomes International Formula 3 Champion

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Ahrensburg, Germany (ots) - Water Joe (R) the mineral water "with a kick" containing caffeine, continues its successes in motor racing. The top English driver Gary Paffett from the ambitious Rosberg Team became the supreme champion of the International German Formula 3 Championship 2002 with the help of Water Joe.

This co-operation could not have been more successful. Paffet landed on the top of the winners' rostrum thanks to the exemplary and extremely close partnership between the Rosberg team and the main sponsor Water Joe(R).

This entry into motor racing gave Water Joe(R) a further positive image transfer amongst countless enthusiastic car fans. The stimulant has already established its name as a low calorie, colour and sugar free alternative to coffee, cola and energy drinks. At the beginning of the year for example Water Joe(R) was voted the most popular alcohol-free drink of the year in Germany's discos.

As the market leader in the new cutting edge sector of "Functional Waters" Water Joe(R) determines the tempo from pole position in the modern water generation. Alongside its strong presence in fun gastronomy, a national listing with all of the relevant convenience store owners as well as market-leading cash and carry companies has been secured. Plans for entering grocery retailing are going ahead at full speed.

Water Joe(R) was developed in America in 1996 and introduced into the German market by "Gondwana Trade" Getränke GmbH & Co. KG from Ahrensburg by Hamburg" a year later. The product has already achieved status as the marketing success of the year in the USA.

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