Sensiva, Inc. introduces Xpass(TM), the secure and private solution for accessing online accounts without typing passwords

Xpass security software offers the alternative to server-based single sign-on solutions

Palo Alto, California (ots) - Sensiva, Inc. today announced the availability of its Xpass security software, which allows Internet users to access secure websites without the need to type and remember passwords. With Xpass, users access Internet services such as online trading, banking, shopping, email, private portals, etc. with a single mouse click. Because Xpass encrypts and stores the users' passwords on their computer, they can control and manage their own sensitive information individually and keep their privacy.

"Xpass is a robust software application that solves the ever-increasing problem of remembering multiple passwords when accessing secure web sites and services," said David Dupouy, CEO of Sensiva, Inc. "Not only does Xpass solve a major problem by typing each password every time for the user, but as opposed to other single sign-on solutions, it keeps passwords safely on the user's computer, rather than on some vulnerable public server. The solution is both more secure and totally private".

Xpass features the powerful DES encryption industry standard to ensure a high level of protection for passwords. "No system is unbreakable, but Xpass makes the hacker's life much more difficult than a server-based solution, and the security mainly depends on the user's choice of their Master Password." David Dupouy also said.

Since users don't need to remember each password for every online account, they can choose more complex and varied ones -- thus increasing security. Users need to remember only one private "Master Password" that is used as the key to encrypt data.

As a universal solution, Xpass can log the user on the majority of the world's websites. Current server-based single sign-on solutions, on the other hand, need to be specifically adapted to each website and consequently work with only a few of them, dramatically reducing the very value and benefit of the solution.

For the end user, Xpass is about simplicity, security, and privacy. "The best way to keep your privacy is to keep your information with you at all times." said David Dupouy. "Passwords are the keys to access your online assets, and Xpass is the universal pass to access them a way that is easy to use, secure, and private."

Pricing and Availability

Xpass is now available at www.sensiva.com at a price of US $69.95. The software runs on Microsoft(R) Windows(R).

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