U.S. Marine Corps and diplomats for a better environment

This end of May an exclusive football match between U.S.Marine Corps and foreign diplomats in Slovenia will take place to help fight for a clean water.

The purpose of the match is to raise funds for a renovation of a waste water treatment plant in the landscape park Jeruzalemske gorice in the Northeastern part of Slovenia. The demonstration plant was built within a crossborder project Sustainable water management in protected areas of Slovenia and Hungary.

The match is organized by Solayea, Institute for sustainable approach to life. The charity match is their first projectof this proportions so they are very optimistic:" With this event we wish to enable people to contribute their part for a better environment, and at the same time to let them see that environmental conservation can be fun and simple." says the director Maja Horvat.

There is a rather big support from the international community in Slovenia, and so the main supporter will be Polish embassy in Ljubljana, but others are also very involved. After the match we can expect an informal gathering and a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

The captain of the team of diplomats is very optimistic as he believes, that their technique will bring them victory despite very physicaly strong and prepared opponents. But nonetheless, the victory belongs to all, as the purpose of the game is for a higher cause.

Slovenia has one of the most dense hydrographic networks in the world, so sustainable management of its waters is of essential meaning. Limnos company, which is one of the leading slovenian companies on the field of ecoremediations states that these kind of waste water treatment systems are the future. With ecoremediation methods we minimize and clear the consequences of poluttion from agriculture, tourism, transport, industry and settlement and the methods are proven to be very effective.

The charity football match attracted attention of many companies which responded as donators:" With our contribution we wanted to support the projects as we are aware that settlement is a big cause of pollution of the environment. And only with such inovative practices we can optimistically look forward in the future." said Zoran Đukić, CEO of Stoja trade.

The charity football match is a part fo a longterm project of Solayea Institute called 4 Elements. In collaboration with Development Agency of Prlekija, Limnos company, the experts in the field of applied ecology they will revitalize the existing waste water treatment plant and in collaboration with local community establish longterm educational programme to raise awareness among local and regional community.

The match will take place on Saturday May 31st at noon. The venue is located in Ljubljana, Ilirija sports park, Vodnikova 155.

For more info: maja@solayea.com

Official site: www.solayea.com