Luxury in its purest form - The Pure + Solid® MasterCard®, made of precious metal

London, June 26th 2014. Introducing an avant-garde form of luxury! Following a six-year development period, Pure and Solid Ltd have finally succeeded in producing payment cards for international monetary transactions made from precious metals. Pure + Solid® Prepaid MasterCard® cards are unique platinum, gold or silver accessories which can be used to make electronic payment transactions.

Pure + Solid® MasterCard® cards represent a pioneering new form of luxury. Handmade from pure platinum (Pt999), gold (18k) or silver (Ag925), these luxurious accessories instantly evince a superior sense of style and a taste for the exceptional. No matter what the setting, be it a deluxe hotel, Michelin-starred restaurant or elegant boutique: they are the ideal accessory for people who would like to treat themselves to a distinctive and eye-catching luxury item. Pure + Solid® MasterCard® cards are not restricted to a specific level of income or funds and are not subject to minimum spend requirements. They are exclusively available from www.pureandsolid.com for either EUR, USD or GBP. All cards (Pure + Solid® Platinum MasterCard®, Pure + Solid® Gold MasterCard®, Pure + Solid® Silver MasterCard®) are delivered to customers with a Certificate of Authenticity within four to ten weeks of ordering and are valid for 60 months. Every card also comes with a Priority Pass™, granting the card holder access to the VIP lounges of world's largest independent airport lounge access programme.

The queen of precious metal payment cards

The Pure + Solid® Platinum MasterCard® is the flagship of the Pure + Solid® MasterCard® cards. This bespoke pure platinum article is delivered inside an elegant leather case that has been handmade in Germany. The Pure + Solid® Platinum MasterCard® is available for €28,690.

Please visit www.pureandsolid.com for more information.

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