"Green.Active.Healthy.", Slovenian Pavilion Expo Milano 2015


Slovenia will be among 142 countries (which accounts for 88 per cent of the world's population) being presented at the Expo Milan 2015 World Exposition, which will be open from 1 May to 31 October 2015. The coordinator of Slovenia's presentation in Milan is the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology together with the SPIRIT Slovenia public agency.

World expositions take place every five years in order to present countries through highly educational content on a specific current topic; the Paris exposition in 1889, which left behind the magnificent world-famous monument, the Eiffel Tower, as a milestone in the industrial period is one of the most famous.

The world exposition in Milan is all the more significant for Slovenia, since it is the first such event to happen in Slovenia's immediate neighbourhood. Also, the highest number of foreign tourists visiting Slovenia come from Italywhich is Slovenia's second most important foreign trading partner and the third largest investor in Slovenia. According to the organiser's forecast, the Milan exposition will be seen by 20 million people, a quarter of them Italian, and the events and presentations of the countries will also be virtually watched by a billion people around the globe.

Slovenia's objectives at the exposition are to strengthen exports, economic cooperation and business partnerships, enhance the recognisability of the I feel SLOVEnia national brand and Slovenia's reputation, and boost the recognisability of Slovenia as a green sustainable tourism-oriented tourist destination.

The theme in Milan is food, and the slogan is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Since world expositions are primarily business and marketing events, large-scale promotional activities and target-oriented business conferences and meetings will be held in cooperation with the agro-industrial, agricultural and tourist sectors.

Slovenia is characterised by very diverse cuisine in a relatively small geographical area. Sustainable nutrition is an important element in Slovenian cuisine, and several special agricultural products or feedstuffs are protected with geographical indications or designation of origin, or are guaranteed traditional specialities.

At the world exposition, Slovenia will be presented in its own pavilion under the slogan I feel SLOVEnia, Green.Active.Healthy.

Slovenia's story at the world exposition will be a story of love of nature:

Green. Slovenia is distinguished by great and diverse natural wealth, and green technologies are the way to keep 'Slovenia green'.

Active. A green and diverse environment is the starting point for many activities in nature and an inspiration for many professional athletes.

Healthy. Healthy food from a green environment and active leisure time are the conditions for a healthy lifestyle.

SPIRIT Slovenia carried out a public procurement procedure in which the company Lumar IG was selected as the contractor to build the Slovenian pavilion, while the architects SoNo arhitekti were selected to design it.

Lumar IG is a leading Slovenian manufacturer of low-energy and passive prefabricated buildings, and is present both in Slovenia and abroad with its innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

SoNo arhitekti is an architecture bureau that integrates the new generation of Slovenian architects who create modern and high-quality architecture combining architectural theory, study and research of locations, innovation and testing of new materials and construction methods.

The common motif in the pavilion will present Slovenia as a GREEN, ACTIVE and HEALTHY experience throughout the exposition. Interactive elements and multimedia shows will provide visitors with highly educational content on the exposition's main theme. Visitors will be encouraged to realise that, with small steps, they too can contribute to the preservation of our planet. The pyramid-shaped Slovenian pavilion, set on a geometrically varied surface, will reflect the relief diversity of Slovenia's territory: the transition from the mountains of the Alps and the hills of Pannonia and the Mediterranean to the arable areas of plains, basins and valleys, with the extraordinary underground world of caves adorned by stalagmites and stalactites in passages and halls.

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