Hankook e-cube Blue TL20: Innovative and environmentally-friendly premium trailer tyres

Neu-Isenburg, Germany

The e-cube Blue TL20 is Hankook's high-end trailer tyre for long-distance transport which is characterised by its low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption and high mileage. The premium tyre manufacturer is putting more focus on cost effectiveness and efficiency in its research and tyre development thereby meeting the increasing requirements being placed on commercial vehicles.

With its new e-cube Blue TL20, premium tyre manufacturer Hankook is expanding its range of trailer tyres to include a particularly environmentally-friendly expert tyre for long-distance transportation. In addition to the central factors of safety and quality, the innovative commercial vehicle tyres - developed especially for European needs - were developed with regard to the greatly increasing requirements for overall operating efficiency in the haulage industry. Hankook uses state-of-the-art technologies and high-performance tread designs that increase fuel efficiency and durability while at the same time improving the handling properties of the tyres. When developing the e-cube Blue TL20, Hankook's new long distance tyre, Hankook's engineers put particular emphasis on sustainability. A new tread compound reduces rolling resistance by 8 percent thereby saving valuable energy while driving. The associated reduction of fuel consumption and higher mileage creates important operating efficiency factors and reduced C02 emissions. With the new environmentally-friendly trailer tyre e-cube Blue TL20, Hankook is reacting to the developmental trend in the industry and is adapting to the high requirements in long distance transportation. As a environmentally-friendly addition to the successful e-cube MAX line-up, the new e-cube Blue TL20 has naturally been made with all the fundamental e-cube technologies like the Hankook Innovative Mixing System (IMS), which ensures optimised rolling resistance, and the patented Stiffness Control Contour Theory (SCCT), which increases durability of the carcass and improves retreadability properties.

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Felix Kinzer,