"Giger's Universe - A monument to the great Oscar winner"

artVenture [Vienna] launched the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (www.indiegogo.com) for "Giger's Universe". Starting today, fans of HR Giger can participate in the bringing to virtual life, a monument dedicated to the Oscar winner and creator of Alien.

Tribute to HR Giger
What was previously seen only in the Giger Museum in Gruyères, is soon to be available as a 3D virtual museum tour ready made for PC/MAC and app reconstructed in faithful likeness of exhibits at the Giger Museum. Global fans have the option to experience the Giger Museum "first hand" as well as "Giger's Universe", a virtual monument to a great visionary.

Regarding the functionality of the virtual museum artVenture is set on interactivity: "Visitors have the opportunity to virtually walk through the whole museum." Special 3D game technology, zoom functions and other features ensure a unique experience factor is to be had. All artworks/objects can be viewed "live" by the visitor - as if one were really there at that spot. In addition, interested parties are to receive a lot of additional information. The idea of ​​"Giger's Universe" started in 2006. The artist himself supported the project during his lifetime.

Giger Museum in 3D Game Technology
This project will digitize the entire museum with the latest 3D-laser-scanning-technology enhancing the objects through complementary use of original textures inherent to the objects - thus the basis for the "living" museum. In the case of an overfunding, further production steps are planned. In the pipeline are, for example, a short documentary, 3D tours of both the Giger Bar in Gruyères and Giger's private garden.

- Cross reference: Picture is available via epa european pressphoto agency and can be downloaded free of charge at: http://www.epa.eu

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