First edition of the revamped Slovenia Weekly issued today

Today, the Government Communication Office is issuing the first edition of the revamped Slovenia Weekly. The newsletter presents information and news about Slovenia to the foreign public, focusing on information about the work of the Government and policies with international relevance, including information from diverse areas, such as economic, infrastructure and fiscal priorities. The topics are connected with issues discussed at weekly cabinet meetings and also more general topics of wider interest which feature Slovenian success stories. This will provide a more complete picture of current developments in Slovenia.

The central topic of today's edition of Slovenia Weekly is the recent business summit, where business representatives, experts and politicians discussed priority measures. The Government has promised to create conditions enabling sustainable growth and greater competitiveness.
In next months, the Government will focus on consolidating public finances without raising taxes, promoting corporate restructuring, stimulating domestic and foreign investments, continuing the privatisation process and providing incentives to businesses.

Slovenia Weekly will be issued on Fridays. It is in a user-friendly format optimised for mobile devices and e-mail.

We invite you to keep up to date with the work of the Slovenian Government and form your own opinions about the current situation in Slovenia.

Please subscribe to Slovenia Weekly at the government website: http://www.vlada.si/en/media_room/newsletter/slovenia_weekly/