Ptak Fashion City invites you to the 2nd edition of the International Fashion Fair and to the 1st edition of the Fashion Week Poland, to be attended by Paris Hilton

On 18-22 February 2015, Ptak Fashion City, the only City of Fashion in Europe, will host the 2nd edition of the International Fashion Fair and the 1st edition of the Fashion Week Poland.

Ptak Fashion City operates as the largest European Wholesale Centre, being home to 2,500 producers and importers who supply products to thousands of merchants from all over the world, every day.

Fashion City is becoming the major Central European meeting point, gathering producers and merchants from the fashion industry, as well as a prominent fashion design centre and the source of new trends.

This time, the International Fashion Fair, being the largest fashion event in Central Europe to attract 3,000 exhibitors, will for the first time host the Fashion Week Poland. This will create an opportunity to watch over 50 fashion shows by the most renowned producers and designers, both from Poland and abroad, including the fashion show by Patrizia Gucci, the Polish producers' fashion festival for Anna Fendi's prize, fashion shows by Maciej ZieĊ„, Teresa Kopias and others.

A special guest, Paris Hilton, will add lustre to this unique event. She will also perform as a DJ in the aferparty on the first day of the Fair, which will be her very first performance in Poland.

Photos: http://goo.gl/qLYF4w


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