Unique global insights into consumers' food habits: Naturalness is key

Mierlo, 23rd March 2015 - Beauty is only skin deep. It's what's inside that counts. This well-known saying does not only apply to interpersonal relationships, but also to food. According to a recent global consumer survey conducted by market research institute TNS on behalf of GNT, leading global provider of Colouring Foods, 66 percent of Europeans, Asians and Americans attach great importance to healthy and natural food products. At Food Vision conference in Cannes, France, the study's results, based on interviews with 5,000 consumers in ten countries, will be presented for the first time. The survey explored what consumers understand by natural food, how they perceive specific ingredients - especially food colours - and how they evaluate labels and claims.

Although the demand for natural products is a global trend, it expresses itself differently in the various regions. In Asia, two thirds of consumers are health conscious but lack time to investigate their food. By using mental shortcuts, they try to avoid foods with additives like colourants. In Europe, many consumers are not just principally concerned with healthy nutrition but also invest a considerable amount of time and money to select the right products (e.g. 27 percent of the French). Moreover, they specifically look for natural colours.

"The trend towards natural foods and ingredients has been on everyone's lips for several years. Now, our global survey unveils its true scope. Combining the study's findings with our long-time experience in natural colour solutions, we can help food manufacturers to benefit from the changing demands of consumers worldwide", says Dr. Hendrik Hoeck, Managing Director GNT Group. GNT supplies more than 1,200 companies including seven of the ten biggest producers in the world with Colouring Foods, made exclusively from fruits, vegetables and edible plants.

Further information on the study: http://www.gnt-group.com/eu-en/about-gnt/media-events/press-releases/brazil-indonesia-colourful-and-diverse-world

Guido de Jager