Atypical pneumonia (SARS): large increase in sales for Swissclean Anti-germ traveller kit

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Geneva, Switzerland (ots) - With an increase of around 200% in the last 3 weeks, sales of the "Mini Anti-Germ Traveller Kit" produced by Geneva-based company Swissclean SA have shown remarkable growth. This growth has coincided with the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic.

The traveller kit (17cm x 14cm x 4cm, 400 grams) consists of 4 products useful to travellers: a spray and wipes (to disinfect toilet seats, baths, showers, bath-rooms, as well as sheets and pillows, towels, public telephones, restaurant tableware and cutlery, etc), a disinfectant soap (for hands, hair and body) and water disinfectant tablets.

All Swissclean disinfectant products have been tested according to the standards of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM). They have also been approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and have received authorization to show the CE mark as medical devices.

Introduced in 1996, The Mini Anti-Germ Traveller Kit is the ideal solution to increase travellers' safety and reduce the risks of infection or illness due to water or food consumption or contact with contaminated materials or surfaces.

Swissclean SA is a Geneva (CH)-based company that distributes disinfection and hygiene products, including cleaning equipment and materials, to industry, hotels and hospitals. Swissclean is present in 12 countries.

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