Heavyweight Partnerships for Mystery Twister- Extra Impetus for Education Offensive

Prominent companies support the largest decryption competition in the world

Berlin (ots) - The largest deciphering competition in the world, Mystery Twister (www.mystery-twister.com), is being actively supported by several companies with an international reputation. Besides Sun Microsystems, SecWare AG and the Horst Görtz Institute, the Discovery Channel IMAX Berlin, Verisign and Cadac GmbH have all lined up as partners to the worldwide competition, and are giving the associated educational initiative extra impetus.

The Mystery Twister is being organised and arranged by a planning team based at the companies Cadac GmbH and SecWare AG. The competition, which has prize money of over US $1,000,000, consists of twelve interactive puzzles and is open to all Internet users worldwide: beginners and experts, professionals and amateur surfers. Part of the entrance fee will go to a charitable institution to support educational measures.

Mystery Twister Partners: since it was founded in 1982, Sun Microsystems Inc. (SUNW) with its vision "The Network is the Computer", has become a leading supplier of products,technologies and services for network computing. Sun provides the foundations for networking business. The company has 34,000 employees in over 100 countries, and can be found on the Internet at www.sun.de.

SecWare Technologies AG is the leading manufacturer and developer of Maximum Security VPN Gateways, ISDN encryption systems and e-mail encryption as well as a designer of crypto-Chips, accelerator boards and KeyManagement software.

VeriSign is a provider of managed services for authentication and SSL encryption as well as for brand protection on the Internet. Nine of the ten largest credit institutions in Germany rely on VeriSign.

Cadac GmbH is one of the leading system houses for the integration of high-availability IT solutions based on open, networkable computer systems using top-performance security products.

You can find further information at: www.mystery-twister.com.